Our classes have been carefully designed to push you each day to measurable goals while teaching you how to train safely for the long term.

Through our, unique, immersion approach and exposure to all levels of training partners early on, you will have the opportunity to grow at your own pace while being carefully pushed and encouraged by your new friends on the mat.

Our adult program is open to students of all experience levels and interests. Our classes range from beginner to advanced, offering students the option to train according to their own personal goals. Whether it's to learn self-defense skills, lead a healthier lifestyle, hone technical skills, or compete at the world level, our adult program is designed to help students achieve their goals at their desired pace. Read about our classes below.



Goals: to build a strong foundation; fitness

Our Introduction to Jiu-Jitsu class is carefully designed to introduce newcomers to Jiu-Jitsu in the most efficient way possible. Students learn the movement drills, positions, and techniques that make Jiu-Jitsu the most effective martial art. While the class is designed for beginning students, it's also perfect for experienced students looking to brush up on the basics.


Goal: to build strong Blue Belt skills

Our fundamental class is designed for those who have completed the Intro program and are ready to deepen their Jiu-Jitsu journey.

The class is faster paced and more challenging than the Intro class. Students begin to learn the more modern techniques of Jiu-Jitsu. Through live training, students learn to develop their game, as well as their athletic skills and attributes.


Goal: to build strong Purple Belt skills

Our intermediate class is open to all belts. It is the foundation of our very successful competition team. Students learn the techniques they need to become a successful practitioner, including the most cutting edge techniques seen in the highest level competitions such as the IBJJF World Championship and ADCC.


Goal: to build real Black Belt skills

Our advance class is open to all belts but the focus is on Purple belts and higher. This class is designed to help students develop the strategies and understanding to be a black belt. Class structure varies in order to encourage students to embrace change and keep an open mind, two things imperative to being a black belt.


Goal: to build strong competitors

Our Competition class is open to all belt levels. The class is structured in a way to build your own personal game and learn to troubleshoot it along the way. The class begins with rounds of drilling and troubleshooting followed by 6 X 6 minute rounds of live training.


Please see Fayyaz for information.

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